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WE CARE - Konceptkompagniet


corporate social responsibility

Lots of big words and fancy phrases could be used when it comes to CSR and social conscience. In reality, however, it is very simple – We want to deliver a piece of work, knowing that we can all stand behind it and be proud of it. We are always working at getting better at what we do. Therefore, our CSR policy is consistent with the UN Global Compact, which aims to promote ethical business practices.

Our Code of Conduct – We like to play by the rules. This obviously applies when it comes to our social conscience. Therefore, all our suppliers and subcontractors have signed our Code of Conduct agreement. It outlines a wide range of conditions that must be satisfied in order for us to enter into a partnership, and it is based on a joint expectation of mutual respect and responsibility.

Link til Manufacturing Agreement, Link til Code of Conduct

Your Code of Conduct – Your rules are our rules. Because just as our own business, many of our customers have individual restrictions and guidelines relating to environment and conditions surrounding the production. This is not a problem for us – we are used to manufacture for Disney, as well as Mattel and Sanrio, and we have extensive experience with keeping a very high standard. We can also adapt to your needs, thus ensuring that the production complies with your standards.